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Lack of downloads despite an app that meets the needs of your users

Missing combination of ASO (App Store Optimization) and ASA (Apple Search Ads) data

Insufficient tracking and unclear performance data

Lack of ideas to boost sales and make the app more popular

Lack of knowledge about optimizing the purchase screen to increase conversions

Increasing downloads through sophisticated app marketing strategies

Perfect integration of ASO and ASA for an optimal App Store presence

Detailed tracking and performance analyses for continuous optimization

Creative approaches to increase sales and make the app more popular

Optimization of the purchase screen for improved conversion rates

What is App Marketing?

App marketing is the process of making your app visible in the app stores and increasing the number of downloads and users. There are two important components to this: App Store Optimization (ASO) and Paid User Acquisition (Apple Search Ads, Google UAC, Meta, TikTok, Ad Networks, …).

ASO refers to the optimization of your App Store listing in order to be better found within the organic search results. This includes optimizing the title, subtitle, description, keywords, screenshots and app icon. The goal is to achieve higher rankings in search results and get more users to download your app.

Paid User Acquisition is the paid component of app marketing and focuses on targeted ads on a wide variety of platforms including Apple Search Ads, Google, Meta, TikTok, Ad Networks and many more. For iOS apps, ASA plays an important role. This allows you to promote your app directly in search results for specific keywords, where it’s shown in the top spots. This way, you’ll achieve higher visibility and increase downloads of your app, while also boosting your organic rankings through increased install conversion rates.

Why should I optimize my app marketing?

Unleash the full potential of your app and…

✅ increase your rankings and downloads: Optimize your App Store listing with effective keyword strategies and appealing app descriptions to achieve a higher position in search results.

✅ maximize revenues through optimized purchase screens : Test different design and pricing schemes to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

✅ improve the user experience with targeted app store screens: Create engaging screenshots and app previews that highlight your app’s USP and convince potential users.

use data-driven insights for continuous optimization: Analyze user behavior and app performance to make informed decisions.

promote collaboration between ASO and ASA: Integrate App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads to leverage synergies and increase your app’s visibility.

✅ analyze the competition and set yourself apart: Observe the strategies and tactics of your competitors to find new ideas and optimization approaches and position yourself successfully in the market.

Challenges in App Marketing

Say goodbye to
app marketing frustration!

Lost in the “app jungle”: Your app is unique, but no one can find it?

No downloads: Why won’t anyone download your awesome app?

The “one-time openers”: users disappear faster than you can say “hello”?

Conversion optimization: How can the purchase screen be made more appealing?

Tracking chaos: SKAN and ATT are causing a lot of confusion?

Resource constraints: Time and budgets are tight, but you still want the success to be big?

Don’t worry, at foxperience, we are happy to tackle these challenges! As experts in app marketing, we are ready to actively support you and optimize your app marketing. We help you develop the right strategies and achieve your goals.
Let’s get started together – we look forward to learning more about your project!

Frequently asked questions:

Why is app marketing important in the first place?

App marketing is critical to getting your app seen, generating downloads, and reaching the right audience. Without effective marketing, an app goes unnoticed in the vast amount of apps and cannot develop its full potential.

What is the difference between ASO and ASA?

ASO (App Store Optimization) refers to the optimization of the App Store presence through keyword optimization, engaging app descriptions and visual elements to improve visibility and ranking. ASA (Apple Search Ads) includes paid advertising campaigns within Apple’s App Store to bring users to your app and increase installs.

How long does it take to see results in App Marketing?

App marketing is an ongoing process and results can be seen at different rates depending on strategy, budget and implementation. With ASO, it can take a few weeks to see improvements, while paid campaigns often produce results more quickly. It’s important to continuously work on your app marketing and make adjustments to be successful in the long run.

Does app marketing make sense for small businesses?

Yes, definitely! Regardless of the size of your business or team, effective app marketing can help increase your app’s visibility and reach, attract users, and ultimately increase revenue. There are several strategies and approaches that can be customized to your budget and resources to achieve the greatest success.

How do I find the right keywords for my app?

The right keywords are crucial for your app’s visibility. To identify them, extensive keyword research is required. You should analyze the competition, identify relevant keywords from your industry and the needs of your users, and pay attention to seasonal trends. At foxperience, we use professional tools and our expertise to develop an effective keyword strategy for your app.

How do I optimize my in-app purchases and the purchase screen?

Optimizing in-app purchases and purchase screens is an important part of app marketing to increase revenue. Factors such as the presentation of prices and benefits, onboarding and A/B tests play a crucial role. At foxperience, we have the expertise to analyze your in-app purchases and purchase screens and suggest targeted improvements.

How can I improve the retention rate of my app?

Retention rate shows how well your app engages users and keeps them coming back. To increase it, it is important to continuously optimize the user experience. These include offering personalized content, push notifications, reward systems, and regular updates. We at foxperience support you in taking the right measures to increase your retention rate and to gain loyal users in the long run.

How can I measure the success of my app marketing campaigns?

Measuring the success of your app marketing campaigns is critical to optimizing performance and increasing ROI. This includes monitoring KPIs such as installation rate, user activity, conversion rate, retention rate and lifetime value. At foxperience, we rely on comprehensive tracking and analytics tools to maximize the success of your app.

How can I market my app globally?

Marketing your app globally opens up new markets and growth opportunities. This includes localizing your app and App Store content, adapting marketing campaigns to regional specifics, and collaborating with local influencers or partners. At foxperience, we have experience in marketing apps internationally and can help you target new markets and make your app known worldwide.

How do I find the right marketing mix for my app?

The optimal marketing mix for your app depends on your goals, budget, and target audience. The combination of App Store Optimization (ASO), Apple Search Ads (ASA), influencer marketing, social media marketing and content marketing can be very effective. At foxperience, we help you find the right marketing mix for your app and implement targeted measures to successfully market your app.

App Marketing Services

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Optimisation of the metadata and App Store screens incl. A/B tests for iOS and Android apps

Apple Search Ads (ASA)

Creation of campaigns (Search Results, Product Pages, Today- & Search Tab), keyword research and optimisation

Google App Install Campaigns

Creation of App Install campaigns with optimisation on installations or in-app purchases

Meta (Facebook & IG) Ads

Creation of App Install campaigns with optimisation on installations or in-app purchases (New: Support for your CPPs)

TikTok Ads

Creation of App Install campaigns with optimization on installs or in-app purchases (incl. App Profile Pages)

Set up of advertising accounts

Creation of your business manager and advertising accounts for your future campaigns


Tracking setup of Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs), SKAdNetwork, and all marketing channels

Creation of ad creatives

ASO Screens, Custom Product Pages (CPPs), In-App Events (IAEs), and creatives for app campaigns

6 steps to more downloads

Step 1: Free initial consultation

We start our collaboration with a no-obligation conversation to learn about your app, your goals, and your challenges. This helps us develop a better understanding of how we can best help you.


Step 2: App analysis

Based on the information from the initial meeting, we analyze your app, competitors, target audience and market. We identify strengths, weaknesses and optimization potential.

Step 3: Strategy development

We develop a customized app marketing strategy for your business that includes ASO, ASA and other marketing channels. While doing so, we consider your goals, budget and resources.

Step 4: Implementation

As soon as the strategy is defined, we start implementing it. This includes optimizing your app store listing, setting up campaigns, integrating tracking tools, and creating engaging marketing materials.


Step 5: Ongoing optimization

We continuously monitor the performance of your app marketing campaigns and adjust our measures accordingly. This includes testing new keywords, adjusting bids, improving ads, and advising on how to optimize the user experience.

Step 6: Reporting and communication

We’ll keep you regularly updated on the progress and results of our actions. In doing so, we make sure that you always have transparent insights into the performance of your app and can track our work.

Of course, we are as flexible as necessary in our cooperation to meet your individual needs and requirements. For example, we are happy to do consultation only or take over partial areas (only paid campaigns, only organic optimization, creation of CPPs, PPOs, etc.). Just contact us and we’ll talk about your needs.

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