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Lack of analysis tools that prevent an accurate assessment of your online performance

Lack of orientation in Google Analytics and missing know-how in the definition of relevant key metrics

Problems in measuring and optimising conversion rates and revenue generation

Access to suitable analysis tools such as GA4 or Matomo, which enable precise performance measurements

Understand how to use Google Analytics with a focus on the key metrics that are relevant to your business

Optimising conversion rates and increasing revenue through data-based decisions

What does analytics & tracking mean in online marketing?

Analytics & tracking in online marketing means systematically measuring, analysing and optimising the performance of online activities. Tools such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or Matomo offer a wealth of information and key metrics to measure the success of marketing campaigns and uncover optimisation potential. Popular metrics include website visitors, traffic sources, time spent on pages, interaction rate and meaningful conversions.

Tracking tools, such as Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag or TikTok Pixel, collect data such as page views, clicks or conversions and send this information to analysis tools. The use of analytics tools helps you to better understand and manage traffic and user behaviour on your website, which ultimately leads to an increase in efficiency and sales. Well-organised tracking enables data-based decisions to be made and marketing activities to be more targeted.

Why do I need analysis tools and well-organised tracking for my online marketing?

Don’t just collect data, …

✅ …maximise the efficiency of your marketing campaigns: Better understanding of campaign performance allows you to target your budget and increase ROI.

✅ …discover optimisation potential: Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website in order to implement targeted improvements for the user experience and conversion rate.

✅ …understand the customer journey: Understand how users arrive at your website and which paths they take in order to take targeted action at key moments.

✅ …personalise your marketing: create target group-specific content and offers based on the data obtained and thus increase customer loyalty.

✅ …optimise continuously: A well-established tracking system enables you to make constant improvements and adjustments for long-term success in online marketing.

✅ …pay attention to data protection compliance: Make sure that you use the right tools to comply with all legal requirements regarding data protection and privacy.

Challenges in the area of analytics & tracking

Tracking and data are giving you a headache?

Overwhelmed by the complexity: Do you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of analysis tools, metrics and possibilities?

Lack of technical knowledge: Your technical know-how is not sufficient for setting up and managing analytics tools?

Incomplete data: Not sure if your tracking is set up correctly and you’re making the right decisions?

Data protection and compliance concerns: Are you concerned about compliance with data protection regulations?

Lack of resources: Do you lack the time to analyse data and constantly optimise tracking systems?

Interpreting the data: Do you often ask yourself how you can correctly interpret the data obtained?

At foxperience, we specialise in overcoming these challenges and helping you get the most out of your data. We are happy to take on the complex part of data analysis and tracking so that you can concentrate fully on your business. Take the opportunity to find out exactly how we can help you with this in a free initial consultation. Let’s overcome your analysis and tracking hurdles together!

Frequently asked questions:

Which analysis tool is the right one for me?

Choosing the right analytics tool depends on several factors, including your specific needs and goals, your budget and the size of your organisation. There are a number of tools to choose from, including Google Analytics, Matomo, and many more. At foxperience, we help you find the best tool for your company and use it effectively.

What about data protection?

Data protection is a crucial aspect when using analysis tools. Tools such as Matomo offer data protection-compliant analysis options and with the new Google Analytics 4, more data protection-friendly configurations are possible. We always ensure that the tools we recommend and use comply with current data protection standards and that the cookie banner actually fulfils its function.

What is the Conversion API and why is it important?

The Conversion API is a server-side tool provided by Facebook to collect information about conversions on your website and then transmit this information to Facebook. This helps to improve the tracking and effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns. We can help you implement the Conversion API to optimise your online marketing efforts.

How do I interpret the data correctly and derive recommendations for action?

Data analysis can be complex and requires in-depth expertise. It’s about recognising patterns and trends in the data, interpreting them in the context of your company and then taking action to achieve your goals. With our expertise, we can help you understand your data and derive meaningful recommendations for action based on these findings.

How can I improve my online marketing through tracking?

By understanding how users interact with your website, you can make informed decisions that will improve your online marketing. With a well-established tracking system, you can see, among other things, which marketing campaigns are working well and where there is potential for optimisation. At foxperience, we help you to optimise your online marketing based on data.

Is it complicated to set up analytics tools?

Setting up analytics tools can be technically demanding and requires a certain understanding of the tool in question. At foxperience, we support you in setting up the necessary tools correctly and ensuring that they work properly and provide valuable data.

How can I ensure that I receive really useful data?

To get useful data, you need to make sure that your analytics tool is configured correctly and that you know which data is most important for your business. At foxperience, we help you identify this critical data and ensure that your analytics tool captures it effectively.

How do I learn to analyse and interpret my data?

Data analysis and interpretation are important skills that can be learnt and refined. With our expertise and experience in this area, we can help you develop these skills so that you can get the most out of your data.

Is analytics & tracking only important for large companies?

Not at all! Regardless of the size of your business, data can give you valuable insights into the behaviour of your customers and the performance of your online marketing measures. At foxperience, we help companies of all sizes to utilise the potential of analytics and tracking.

Do I need a data scientist for my analyses?

While a data scientist has specialised knowledge and skills that can be useful in data analysis, it’s not essential to have one on your team to gain useful insights from your data. With the right support and the right tools, your existing team can also gain valuable insights from your data. We at foxperience are here to help you do just that.

Analytics and tracking services

Meta Pixel

Maximise the success of your Facebook and Instagram ads.

TikTok Pixel

Optimise your TikTok campaigns with the TikTok Pixel.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

Get data on the success of your LinkedIn campaigns.

Google Analytics (GA4)

Track all interactions on your website or app.


Not a fan of Google? No problem with Matomo!

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Do you want tracking without a lot of code? You’ll love the GTM.

Mobile Measurement Partner

Setting up MMPs (Adjust, AppsFlyer, …) incl. SKAN setup.


We help you track the most important interactions.

6 steps to optimised tracking and the use of suitable analysis tools

Step 1: Free initial consultation

Get to know us and tell us about your individual requirements and goals in the area of Analytics & Tracking.


Step 2: Analysing the current situation

We take a look at your existing tracking structures, tools and KPIs to find out which improvements and optimisations are necessary.

Step 3: Strategy development

Based on the analysis, we create a customised strategy to achieve your goals in the area of analytics & tracking.

Step 4: Implementation

We put the developed strategy into practice and support you in setting up and integrating the analysis tools, such as Google Analytics 4 or Matomo, and setting up tracking pixels.


Step 5: Ongoing optimisation and support

We monitor the performance of your tracking systems, adjust them if necessary and are available to answer any questions or provide support.

Step 6: Reporting and recommendations

At regular intervals, you will receive detailed reports from us on the performance of your online activities, as well as recommendations for action to further optimise your marketing measures.

Of course, we are as flexible as necessary in our cooperation to meet your individual needs and requirements. For example, we are also happy to provide you with advice or take over individual sub-areas (setting up desired analysis tools, creating conversion events, implementing the Google Tag Manager, etc.). Just contact us and we’ll talk about your needs.

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Still in doubt about analytics & tracking?

If you are still unsure or have further questions about Analytics & Tracking, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at foxperience are at your disposal to dispel all your concerns and answer your questions. Take advantage of our initial consultation to find out how we can help you get the most out of your data and optimise your online marketing. We look forward to finding out more about you and your company!